About Me

Hello, I am Alisha (Ali) Nilson, formerly Ali Brady, of Henderson, NV.

I have been fortunate to grow and serve our community my entire life. At the age of 6, I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic weeks before beginning first grade at the newly opened Ulis Newton Elementary School. Being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, I was required to grow and develop in areas of personal responsibility and advocacy early on. From my diabetes, I have learned the importance of and refined my strength in areas of responsibility, flexibility, open communication, self-discipline, planning ahead and being prepared, and health.
At the age of 8, my mother and I were recruited to travel the West Coast, teaching, encouraging, and supporting other young Type 1 Diabetics and their families, giving them hope, guidance, and direction for their life with diabetes. I understand what it means to work hard and to be devoted to the tasks at hand, planning for and preparing for all situations that our future may hold.
While in my youth, I participated in many athletics, beginning with City of Henderson sports, and culminating in softball and dance at Foothill High School, where I was also involved in our student council and choir. During my senior year, I earned a place on the NV, 1St Team, Allstate Softball team, and Who’s Who Among American High School Students 2004/2005 Volume IV.
As the captain of our softball team, I participated in valley-wide fundraisers and attended an event at Sunrise Children’s Hospital where our team was given the opportunity to play and talk with children while giving them gifts we had collected. This project sparked my love for service and my desire to do all that I can to help increase others’ quality of life.
Upon graduation, I was presented with the Principal’s Award for my hard work, educational excellence, and leadership displayed throughout my tenure at Foothill High School. I am grateful that I was able to build leadership qualities while in my youth; I will continue to work together with those I serve, leading with diligence, integrity, honesty, virtue, and compassion to help Henderson move forward in a positive and responsible direction.
After graduating from Foothill with honors, I attended UNLV on scholarship and earned a BS in Kinesiology in 2010. While at UNLV, I was named to the dean’s list multiple times and involved in several extracurricular functions while working for a local physical therapist in Henderson. In my extracurricular activities at UNLV, I got to know new students, while also planning and executing activities to build camaraderie and connect students with similar interests and goals. Doing this allowed me to understand the importance of knowing those you serve and work with. It allowed me to see how much better an organization thrives when the ideas, thoughts, opinions, and concerns of all are taken into account. Through this, I saw how the more people you have working together towards the same goal, the better and quicker those results come to pass. I am here, ready to work with our residents, staff, and experts to bring about positive, smart, and safe growth and planning in Henderson.
As a professional, I have worked in private-sector healthcare, in physical therapy, since college. I have experience in patient care, insurance claims and contracting, in-person marketing, business growth and development, and HR leadership. I know what it is like to work hard to bring positive changes to another’s life. I understand that, at times, you have to face disagreements head-on and work intelligently to ensure the population you serve gets what they deserve. I have experience and knowledge in the laws, statutes, and policies that govern a workplace and in finding solutions that are ethical and legal for issues that arise in those workplaces.
As a person, I was married to my best friend, HPD Officer Josh Nilson, in 2008. Together, we have coached youth sports teams, mentored and taught the youth in our neighborhood, and served the community in various roles through our church organizations. We have welcomed three amazing children into our family, who are growing and thriving in the things they set out to do. In 2021, my husband retired from his career as an HPD officer, taking his knowledge and experience to the private sector, and opening his own firearm training and manufacturing business and a storefront here in Henderson. I love this city and am grateful for the beautiful community I have grown up in. Today, many of us live here because of the fabulous quality of life we are afforded as residents. As a councilwoman, I intend to preserve our quality of life by addressing the factors that limit or diminish it head-on. I am excited to listen to and work with our residents and staff, ensuring we move forward in the best and safest way possible.
ali nilson
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