Priorities / 3 Pillars

Public Safety

My number one priority echoes the number one interest of the majority of our Henderson residents, Public Safety. As the spouse of a retired HPD officer, a lifelong resident, a mother, and the spouse of a small business owner, I understand that Public Safety is the foundation on which a successful city must be built. For our city to have a strong public safety foundation, we must have a viable first responder workforce, as well as the necessary equipment, training, and strategically placed locations for our first responders to work from. Not only this, but our city’s first responders; dispatch, police, and fire, must have the necessary tools and support to maintain their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. If we do not adequately support our first responders, through all necessary avenues, then we, as a city, will bear the consequences of diminished public safety. I will work hard and stand side-by-side with our firefighters, police officers, and dispatch, advocating for them to have what they need to ensure the safety of our community. I will work with residents to understand their safety issues and concerns, and work with our staff to ensure those issues and concerns are addressed in the best way possible. I will work hard to keep you, your family, friends, and our community safe. And thank you to those who have, and who do currently serve our community in the capacity of public safety. I see you, I understand and am aware of your struggles, I am grateful for you, and I will continue to support and advocate for you in all that I do.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”- Benjamin Franklin. As the daughter of an educator, and mother to three school aged children, I understand the importance of a quality education. Our children’s education is what will shape the future of their lives, and of our city. For those reasons, quality education is a priority of mine. To receive a quality education, our children must be nurtured mentally, emotionally, and physically, and so must our teachers and staff. Parents must have the ability to be actively involved in the education of their children, and our teachers must be allowed to use the skills they have learned and honed, to teach. We must keep classrooms safe, and ensure our children and educators have the tools and funding they need to succeed. As a councilwoman for Henderson, I will advocate for the tools and resources necessary to ensure our children are provided with a quality education. To the educators who have dedicated a portion of their lives to brightening and enhancing the future of our children and community, thank you! Your reach spans generations, your nurturing and guidance of developing minds changes lives for the better. You deserve better, and I will work tirelessly to help bridge the gaps, and break down barriers, so you can do your job to the best of your abilities.

Responsible Economic Development

Economic development and city planning plays a crucial role in our city’s quality of life. Through responsible zoning, planning and development, our economy, and quality of life, can flourish. Responsible economic development helps create industry diversification, strengthening and fortifying our economy against economic downturns. It is also a key component to job creation. When done correctly, economic development not only allows for industry diversification, and job creation, but it also supports business retention and expansion. As our business economy grows, diversifies and expands, our city will benefit through increased tax revenues allowing for further support of community projects and local infrastructure, including, but not limited to, public safety and city beautification. Better infrastructure, quality jobs, and a strong economy naturally raises the standard of living in a community, increasing the quality of life for those who live and work there.

Development, when done responsibly and appropriately, creates economic opportunity for all. I support our businesses, and the vitality they bring to our city. I will work together, with our business owners, community members, local chambers, and city staff, to ensure that Henderson moves forward with a strengthened economic development plan, to meet the needs of our community as a whole.